How To Build a Killer Website From Scratch Step by Step !


I thank God everyday for YouTube. Seriously, you can learn so much from YouTube it is sick! Before you get started I want to give you a coupon code to hold onto. I don't have to lie to kick it to tell you that I need to make a living myself. By using this coupon code you are making it a win/win for the both of us. Coupon code: toolstofreedom.  This will save you 25% off your hosting with the same company I use myself

I'm here to tell you I am no expert in web development.  So with that all being said, I am going to leave it to the professionals and let them teach you their skills and God given talents they have to share with you today for free. After you get done learning as you go for free you will now have a new talent and trademark you can use for yourself to produce income. If that is building a website for yourself, or to begin freelancing your new skills and making websites for your local businesses in your town. 

These are no cheaply made websites either. This is using a platform called WordPress that the top Fortune 500 companies use  along with any decent entrepreneur online.  Do it right or don't do it at all. Otherwise you are just spinning your wheels and wasting time and money. I don't wish that on anybody that puts out the work to make their dreams come into the light of  reality.  

So with no further ado I introduce you to Tyler Moore and James Stafford. Please keep in mind when watching their videos that WordPress has updated their software. Though it is still applicable and not to difficult to follow along with.