Consumer Behavior

How is everyone doing today? I myself am just a litle ticked off! You all know that I am currently finishing my BA in Business Administration along with minoring in Marketing. I am sharing with you today an assignment that I just turned in and got a big fat zero on because I was accused of plagerizing. I am stumped upon all words right now. Everything I do is original work. Sure, yes I do go out there and find other articles and educate myself on the subject, or use what little worth of real education that I learned from going to a so called higher education institution provided me with and share it with the rest of you.


higher education


Truthfully I am telling you this right now, if you are an entrepreneur and are not going to go out and work for someone else in a tradition career, also known as long life commitment to a J.O.B (Just Over Broke), then please for the love of God don't waiste your time and money on these crooks ! Seriously, if I was not so close to graduating and I was not recieving grants and scholarships right now I would drop out. $1500.00 every five stinking weeks is what these crooks get paid from each student. They don't even teach ! It is all self taught. They give you assignments and tell you to purchase $100.00 plus e-books that are out of date and is all based on theory. Thats right, theory !!! Not real life work experience, and you have these jackals with Dr.'s degree's that grade your work and act as they are gods over your future life. They are not teaching you jack sh*t. Again, they collect a fat paycheck just to tear your work apart and give you zero, zelch, nata, no feedback on their so called experience on where to go and improve. This is the most sick and perverted consumer behavior our society has lached onto and we put our children in these institutions starting as early as three years old in pre-school through collage. What the hell is wrong with this picture? Then we wounder why we can't get ahead in life? When all you learn is indoctrine theory, it really doesn't take that many IQ points to see that this is just another ponzy scheem that is designed to keep you a slave instead of being your own master. 


So my point in my rant today is to anounce the alarms and fire off the sirens and warn you to stay far away from these institutions. You want to really know what is a scam? Higher education that fall under the pretence using names such as Universities and Colleges behind there name. Now if you want to go to a trade school and actually learn hands on real life stuff, cool more power to you. Though if your thinking your going to pay $14,400.00 a year plus on an education that takes a minimum of 4 years to complete and walk into a job that pays decent, your living in a fantasy land and the real pipe dream that doesn't exist.  Instead you are going to be lucky to find a position that pays you $15.00 an hour and that is only if you live in a big city like N.Y, L.A, or San Francisco. All in which you might as well be making $4.00 an hour with the cost of living.  Thats the hard world truth ! 

Instead, what I encourage you to do is learn for yourself like you are today and save yourself $57,600.00 for a piece of paper that says you accomplished really nothing other than volunteering to be robbed and raped of your wealth and have no real experience to offer other than to say you have a degree in XYZ.  All while these fat cats and jackals laugh to the bank while your eating your 49 cent top ramen and trying to figure out how you are going to pay rent next month. 

So what is consumer behavior? 


   Maslow’s Hier­ar­chy of Needs


  1. Maslows_hierarchy_of_needs
  3. Consumer Behaviour is the study of individuals, groups, or organizations and the processes they use to select, secure, use, and dispose of products, services, experiences, or ideas to satisfy needs and the impacts that these processes have on the consumer and society.
  4. So with no further ado here is MY paper that I was accused of plagerizing. Let it help you in your future marketing endeavours.
  5.       As marketers we must be aware of the existence of cultural diversity that reshapes business landscapes.  In the United States , the three most prevalent ethnic/racial subcultures are African Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Asian Americans. Cultural assessment can enable marketers to focus on the behavior of consumers with each culture.

          Here we are going to discuss how memberships in each ethnic subculture often guide their consumption behaviors.  Consumer behavior is the study of the process in which consumers select, uses and disposes of a product service. This is important to understand, as marketers this will allow us an insight on how to market our products or services. It is important to also understand how ethnicity play a roll into this cultural assessment. Ethnicity is a social identification based on the presumption of shared history and a common cultural inheritance. In other words where we come from; knowing the roots to someone's background such as the African American, Hispanic Americans, and Asian Americans we are able to break them down and understand their ethnic group. Inside these ethnic groups there are ethnic subcultures. Ethnic subcultures are subcultures whose numbers' uniquely share behaviors and are based on a common racial, language, or nationality background. For an example, Asian Americans are diversified within this culture. We have Filipinos , Koreans, Japanese, Chinese, just to name a few that fit into the Asian American culture. Though with that being said they are very much different with how they share different nationalities and even a different background. Chinese food and Korean food are both Asian dishes though are very different dishes at the same time.



    Why is it important in marketing?

         This is important to understand as a marketer for the following reasons:


    • It helps identify the target market


    • Allows us to identify patterns in consumer behavior 


    • Helps with identifying how to market by associating the product with the culture of the target market. 


    • Allows us as marketers to identify key aspects of a product for that particular specific ethnicities.
  6. For an example the "Filipinos are the only Asians who speak English predominantly among themselves, like Hispanics most Asians prefer media in their own languages" Solomon, M.R. (2011).

    The Importance of Knowing Ethnic Customs

         In the past, appealing to minorities was not a major concern to marketers. Ethnic groups in America were expected to assimilate into the mainstream over time. This was well known especially within the African American and Hispanic American culture using Aunt Jemima in selling pancake mix along with Rastus ( a black chef) who was used to pitch Cream of Wheat. In the Hispanic American culture Mexicans were being portrayed as bandits. This has changed over time as the Civil Rights Movement gave more power to minority groups and their rising economic status began to command marketers' respect, these negative stereotypes began to disappear. As a result of many economic and social factors, people are beginning to discover that America is no longer the melting pot it once was. Instead of looking to assimilate, certain ethnic groups such as African Americans, Asian Americans, and Hispanic Americans have fought to maintain their own cultural integrity. A great example in showing this would be with the African American  hairstyles.  It would only make sense to advertise an African American, male or female, with the company Super Curl. This is because the company is targeting African Americans knowing there ethnic customs with hair styles.


    Why Is This Important?

         This is important for markers to understand for the following reasons: 

  • Importance of knowing ethnic backgrounds of your target market 
  • Understanding what is taboo in some ethic groups
  • Acknowledging ethnic groups to better market your product in America and globally.
  1. Spanish speaking television stations have been inundated with ads from well known companies such as McDonalds ( which issued a "Mac Report" series of Spanish infomercials) and AT&T ( which now offers telephone calling plans targeting Mexico).

    While black Barbie dolls once looked exactly like white Barbie's with the exception of their skin tone, New York-based Olmec Corp.- moving to stem a loss of business – recently came out with a Barbie type doll with black features called Imani.

    Sears is also responding to the demand in Asian communities for a broader selection of smaller sizes in all apparel categories. In addition, the retailer debuted a pantyhose line with a variety of shades and sheer textures to complement a black women's skin color and accommodate her figure.

         Marketing Will Always Be Marketing

    The underlying message in all of these points is that marketing will always be marketing. As a marketer working for a company or an entrepreneur targeting his or her group(s) – it is thoroughly knowing your customers and their specific needs. It's additionally critical to be patient, for long-term goals have to be approached with long-term strategies. It will require significant investment and a constant flow of communication to establish- and reinforce- new business relationships. Though with this said, the effort is certain to pay off, as those that once considered the "minority" assert their increasing financial clout.





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