Fix mobile usability issues found on WordPress 

Ashley Agee you rock ! You just saved me so much from a headache you don't even know. I contacted my hosting company to see how much it would cost me to have them do it and was told $215.00 plus $4.95 a month after. I felt like I was talking to my mechanic ! So the only other option was to do it myself. 🙁 It was daunting to say the very least; for those that are reading this I am sure you can understand and relate to my frustration. It was like Google decided to let you know that a land slide is about to take place and if you don't get your website ( your vehicle of operation) corrected in time your going to be a hot mess when you catch up to it.  After reading Ashley's  article        ( and applying what she said it now passes "admissions". To see if your website passes you want to go here: If you are familier with Google webmaster tools I am certain you are familiar with the picture on the left hand side. It is like seeing yourself not being able to find the breaks before you crash into the landslide. Or hearing that you need to replace the transmission to your vehicle from the mechanic. Turns out that it is not as bad as everyone is blowing it up to be. There is an easy fix without having to replace your excising theme or having to pay out the nose for work that really is simpliar than they are leading you on to believe. So this is how you fix it quickly and easily. Their is a WordPress plug in that can clear this all up. It is called WPtouch. Did I mention its free? The best news ever to reach my eyes when I read this myself. Simple and free? It was like asking me if I wanted extra sprinkles on my ice cream ! To read more on this go to .  Again, a big shout out to beacon technologies with Ashley Agee. I hope this helps you all out with your adventure in getting your site back to the mobile frontier.