How To Avoid The 3 Most Common Affiliate Mistakes


Just about everyone online has an affiliate program. In fact If you are not selling your own product or service then that makes you an affiliate selling someone's product or service. Other than that, it leaves you to be the customer that is reaching out for information to solve that special need or want you are after.  This is important to understand as an affiliate and is most of the time overlooked and missed by people especially just starting out and getting their hands dirty and feet wet in the business. Think about it for a minute. What do you do when you go online? Chances are it is not to go shopping. You and I and the rest of the world primarily go online for information to solve an issue that requires our needs and wants to be resolved. It is that simple. As an internet marketer it is our job to help you resolve this want or/and need that arises with quality content information that can solve these issues. 

If I had to bet, I would bet on the chance that is exactly why you are reading this article. You want to know how to avoid making the three most common mistakes out there as an affiliate. Makes sense to me. So lets go ahead and dive into those three most common mistakes and know that really the one that no one will talk about is so simple as understanding the consumers behavior for going online in the first place. It is all about them, not you or me. 

Most people get so excited and worked up when they first hear or get wind of how easy it is to make money online and when they jump in without question and find that they are failing miserably they give up and curse the day they ever tried and invested into it.  That's totally understandable and normal. Imagine for a minute with me that you go back into time and it is the turn of the 16th century. The Thirteen Colonies were just founded and you are hearing all this news on how successful and wealthy everyone that goes out to the America's are finding themselves without any real work at all to reach this success? The truth is yes, there were a lot of successful people that made it, though there were a lot of people that failed too and got back on the next ship home. The internet is that new world today, just as the America's were to those back in the 16th century.  In reality those that went out and took that leap of faith to journey into that brave new world were  entrepreneur's just like yourself. They were also the ones to fulfill their life dreams, freedom, and a level of wealth that only others back home could dream to have.

Mistake number 1: Choosing the wrong affiliate.                                                              

It is imperative before you even get on that ship you know what you want to do before you get there. What is your passion? Stop for a minute and really think about that. What is your passion? What would get you out of bed every morning excited and ready to start your day every day? Most people when they go to school or apply for a job are usually looking at dollar signs, not what is going to get them out of bed excited to do it. The same happens with people when they start thinking about making money online. This is thinking backwards. Don't look at an affiliate program based on how much money it is going to bring you in.  Look at what affiliate program or niche you have a passion with. The money will follow your passion. Not the other way around. This is the number one reason why people fail at internet marketing, give up and go back home.  Health is one of the biggest niches out there though if you have little to no passion about the subject, and it doesn't wake you up in the morning with excitement, then health is not your affiliate program. 

Mistake number 2: Joining too many affiliate niche programs.

Young-Entrepreneur-ObstaclesWhat do I mean by that? It goes along with what you are truly passionate about. Don't just pick an affiliate program (niche) because you know that there is money to be made in that niche. Just like when someone studies medicine to become a Dr. they don't go to school to also study law, business, and then practice them out in the real world. The same is with affiliate programs. There are many sections in every niche and yes by all means do several of them. You should never put all your eggs in one basket. Though make sure that your focus is on one practice inside your passion. Like myself, my passion is in self help and internet marketing programs. They work well together and go hand in hand with each other.  Remember, as an affiliate marketer you are also wanting to build a relationship with those that follow what you are saying. We are not spammers or one night trick ponies. 


Mistake number 3: Not buying the product or using the service.

used-car-salesmanLast though far from least is understanding what exactly you are offering.  How are you suppose to be successful if you have no passion in what you are offering? Every product or service I suggest and recommend I am using myself. I would be a hypocrite otherwise.  Not to mention if you are serious about establishing yourself in this new brave world it is important that you don't tarnish your reputation online. The internet is the largest though smallest town. Think about that for a minute. It is the largest because you have just about the entire world literally at your finger tips and the smallest because word of mouth spreads across the internet faster than sound itself.  Your product and services that you recommend to others is your word and credit in this new world.  It will make you or break you in how you behave. 




By following these simple and easy steps as part of your foundation as an internet marketer you will succeed. It will not happen overnight and as an internet marketer in this new brave world it requires to always be open minded and willing to continue to learn always. If you see yourself able to follow these simple and easy steps I encourage you to get on the ship and get your piece of the pie.