The Real Secret To Making Money Online (Part 2)

The Affiliate Marketers Secret To Success !

Warning ! What you are about to read is going to upset  the Internet Marketing World ! Most pay hundreds of dollars from what you are about to read !

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Everyone naturally wants to hear " free". Who does not want something for free? We all do, the marketers that are promoting their products want free traffic. Consumers want the same, something for nothing. Truthfully at the end of the day both don't always find themselves getting something for free though are equally surprised with something of much more value.

Now with that being said I'll start with what you want to hear first, "free traffic". In truth there is no such thing as a free lunch. So you have a choice, time or money. I personally would recommend a little bit of both.  So let's first look at time shall we.

There are multiple ways to promote profitable affiliate programs online for free.

Here are three of the most common methods:

1. Write an article based on the affiliate program that you wanted to promote and at the end of the article, promote the affiliate program with your unique affiliate link.

2. Create a new review site to review Clickbank’s products. Then inside the review, have your affiliate link that’s linking to the products.

3. Create as many fresh social pages as possible by using social sites like,,, etc.

There are a lot more other methods to promote affiliate programs!

Yes, you may make more money (and a little faster) if you promote an affiliate program directly. But you get to promote it just one time!

So if they purchase the product through your affiliate link, you’ll make the commission, but you’re not going to make another commission unless you start the process all over again!

This means that you’ll ALWAYS be working, both day and night.

And what if they do not buy the recommended affiliate program on your page?

Well then, all of your effort and money will simply go down the drain.

Though personally I do affiliate marketing slightly different, so do most successful smart affiliate marketers today.

All of our promotions funnel into just one purpose – and that’s into a “squeeze page” to build a mailing list.  I'm keeping it real with you. If you want to make a living then this is the direction you need to follow. If you want to do it for a hobby, then follow just the above three common methods that are taught and you will make some money by the time Christmas comes around to help pay for your kids presents. Otherwise, if you want to treat it as a business than don't waste your time and learn that you do need to invest in both time and money. There is no one way around this.  

We have all been introduced and have taken advantage of using what is called a squeeze page. A squeeze page is where you will enter in your e-mail address to receive something back in return. A great example is the one on the right top hand of this page, along with the pop up that will get your attention before leaving this page.

You want to make sure that you give your audience something of real value and with great quality that costs them absolutely nothing to sign up for by offering their email address to you. I'm sure you have heard the saying, "the money is in the list." That carries half truth. Yes, money is in the list, though it is how you acquire that list along with the relationship you develop after you make your first impression with them. This is why you want to build your own list. Do not allow yourself to be tempted to go out and buy a 5000 email list. You will have just bought a list of people to spam along with paying to have your reputation online as someone with no integrity or honor.  DON'T DO IT!

When you first start off make sure your free offer is something of value. This is you that you are marketing. Do you want to come dressed for success when you go out to an interview? Of course you do, so make sure your suit is sharp (free promo) and that you have something to offer the one willing to take a risk on you in opening the door to your future success.

After you have warmly given your audience a taste of what is to come, make sure to not leave them hanging. Throw in one or two affiliate offers with your free offer. The free offer is something they can stop at though it should only be an appetizer to the rest of the meal. It should make them hungry for what is next being offered. If you do this successfully then you will have accomplished a new relationship, a very healthy paycheck, and most importantly a reoccurring customer for life. 


5 years




The Power, Control, and Success in Your List

There is a formula in having a list. I want you to come up with a number in your head with how much you want to make per month.  Do you recall in part one how I said, "This is the $10,000 dollar question that everyone needs to know."  Imagine if you will for a second that every email subscribers dollar value is $1.00 each. This is a number value to have been shown true and tested in email marketing. So whatever number you came up with in your head and how much you want to make a month, this is now your new goal to achieve in having that many people in your email list. Now you don't have to be limited to just one email campaign. You can have several niches and for each one its own email campaign. (Get your free lead generator here)

So, how does this work? First, you want to start with building a relationship with people. Start a blog. Start a social media site and get yourself out there on FaceBook, YouTube, Google +, etc. Get your squeeze pages set up on your sites. Also don't be afraid to invest into yourself and pay for advertising with Google Adwords, FaceBook, and Solo Ads. We'll get more into that at another time.  When you start getting traffic  through your squeeze pages you will need to have at least a 7 day email campaign started. You want to make sure that you give them free content that is going to keep them coming back for more. This can be done as a newsletter or/and blog content. You also want to establish trust and a strong relationship.

So let's break it down shall we:

1.Day one- they get there free offer that you promised along with one or two offers to an affiliate offer that yokes well with each other. (You have as high as a 40% success rate in making a sell here.)

2.Day two- introduce more free content that goes with what you are promoting in your niche.

3.Day three- Start building relationship and trust with your new life long found customer.

4.Day four- Promote your affiliate offer. (It is good to have at least four offers in your niche to promote.)

5.Recycle through and start process over again with day two, and so on.

You want to mail every single day 7 days a week 365 days of the year. (if you have it in you do it twice a day)

  • Weekday emails-  Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are the best weekdays to deliver your campaigns. Monday is usually too busy as it starts the week, and Friday sometimes is not the most productive day because it starts the weekend.
  • Sunday Instead of Saturday- Saturday is just too deep in the weekend to be a prime emailing day. Though recent tests have shown that not only is Sunday the best weekend day, it is actually one of the best days of the week on which to send out newsletters. More and more, people are using Sunday to check on email and shop online.

Now to go back to monetizing your email list. I mentioned that each email value is $1.00 dollar.  So let me paint you a simple illustration.  

First let's look at your first campaign with introducing your squeeze page.

The best way to get out there is pay for your advertising. If this is through Google, Yahoo, Facebook, or through Solo Ads.  These are targeted traffic towards your audience. The search engines are going to place these ads with the people already interested in what you have to offer. The same goes with Solo Ads. Solo Ads are ads that are purchased through private emails already established and they have an interest in what you are promoting. ( Want more detailed training, then come check us out here.)  

On average with making first contact with your new audience 40% of those that enter their email will buy.  Now let's shoot high and say each click through rate cost is $1.00 dollar. Your original investment is $100.00 dollars.  This means 40 people out of 100 are going to buy your product.  Now let's aim low. Let's say you are promoting a $40.00 product and you receive 75% commission from this product.  This would leave you a profit, before expenses taken out for advertising, of $30.00 dollars. Now multiply $30.00 with 40 new customers… you just made $1200.00 dollars!. Subtract your original investment of $100.00 dollars which leaves you with $1100.00 dollars and 100 new customers to build a relationship with to resell to over and over again for life!

Now the wise affiliate marketer will reinvest those profits and continue to build his/her list to at least 10,000 large. When you start building this relationship your percentage numbers go down dramatically from 40% all the way down to 3%-1%. Why is this, because the "honeymoon" is over.  Though that is okay, just like any relationship it can only get stronger if you work at it.

Now you have a list of 10,000 and each ones value is $1.00 each. Now let's use the same dollar amount value that we are offering. We are going to be promoting a $40.00 product that pays 75% commission now to a list of 10,000 people. $30.00 multiplied to 3% of 10,000 (300 customers buy) equals $9,000 dollars. That is only if you promote it once a month. This is how you start making upwards to $10,000 dollars a month from your business.  Starting to see why the smart affiliate marketer invest in traffic and makes sure that they develop this life long relationship through email? This is gold. You don't even really have to have a blog, or any website other than your squeeze pages to get started.

Do you start to see how SIMPLE it is to make internet marketing work effectively?

The truth is, that is the REAL SECRET that all marketing Gurus are using to make money online.

So what you really NEED here is:

A Domain Name and Hosting

A Squeeze Page

An Offer To Entice Your Visitors To Subscribe

An Autoresponder To Efficiently Manage Your List


Do you remember how I mentioned in part one that I had just one request to the one who reads this? To share this knowledge with your children? Well, I guess I have just one more request that will be a win/win for the both of us. If you don't already have one or any of the following mentioned above please click on the hyperlinks and go from there. You will be doing us both a great service. Second, sign up for my free e-book that is in the right hand side of this article. It will help you understand how to set up your own offers along with access to great tools that will only benefit you on your way to success. Tools I use every day.  And Just for staying with me for this long if you decide to go with my recommendations for your domain and hosting I am going to give you 25% off with using the coupon code: toolstofreedom. That it! If you want more detailed training, then come check us out here.