The Art of Purposeful Storytelling


It's almost hysterical and sad when you type in "storytelling" in your search bar. Seriously, it really is.  Storytelling is the spirit to marketing. It allows us to go out and express our emotions of excitement and bring in strangers like they are like family that we haven't seen in years. Storytelling allows us to develop that personal relationship with the ones that are reading, listening, and taking notes from what we have to say. It is our voice to the world to who we are.

I was actually taken back when I was looking for some motivation and advice on how I was going to write this article today. What I found was what you would hear in a University. It brought back the memories of watching Charlie Brown sitting in class and all you hear from the teacher is BLA- BLA-RA- BLA-BLA.







Now with all that being said, Peter Guber, chairman and CEO of the Mandalay Entertainment Group, explains how to establish an emotional connection with any audience. This is vital as an entrepreneur in all of your business life to learn and master.

  • Be authentic
  • Be interested in the audience
  • Be clear about your goal in telling your story
  • Be interactive – effective storytelling is a dialogue, not a monologue
  • Have great content – examples, anecdotes, memories, and context

By keeping it real and entertaining all at the same time you are building a priceless relationship with your audience.  There is not enough money in this world that can buy trust and loyalty. So follow the five truths:

  • Truth to Yourself ( Integrity)
  • Truth to the Teller (authenticity)
  • Truth to the Audience (audience)
  • Truth to the Moment (interactive and flexible)
  • Truth to the Mission (goal)

My hopes are that  this will help you in your journey as an entrepreneur  with the story that you are telling. By bringing  passion into your story and allowing your readers or viewer's to feel like they own those emotions as well, you will go far with them.


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