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If you are new too, or haven't heard of the Law of Attraction, you are not alone. For the longest time I was always wondering what am I doing wrong? Why is it that I am doing everything I think is right and still failing? This applies to business, personal life, everything. I knew there had to be an answer out there to my question. It didn't matter what books I read or listened to I still couldn't get the full underdstanding. It wasn't until I was introduced to Andy Shaw and listening to what he had to say that I finally got it. In my article " The Very First Tool For Your Success " I go more into this. 

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Information to me is a gold mine. It is my treasure of true wealth that is priceless, and so many people, including myself, take it for granted how much we have at our fingertips everyday for free. Today I want to share with you a treasure chest full of priceless knowledge; truly free abundance of wealth of information. This is a library full of free PDF's ranging from subjects from Internet Marketing, Web Development, Personal Development, making money, and other miscellaneous pieces of information. You can find them here at this link: I am also leaving you with some audiobooks that are classics in themselves. Take them, share them, and most importantly use them. Most of the time when we recieve something for "free" we don't place to much value into it. Though if I were to charge you for them, chances are you would give them more of your attention. 


Now, if your anything like me, and you study what is in these PDF's and audio books and still find that your not making millions of dollars. Then your not alone. Most don't understand the foundational tools that are needed to implement what is being taught. Until you understand how to accomplish a bug free mind your going to be finding yourself to be your own worse enemy. Go back and check out my article mentioned earlier, "The Very First Tool For Your Success."  It is essential to understand and truly grasp this knowledge. As always, I wish you the best towards your success and dreams becoming a reality, enjoy.