You want what you want

pizza and beer It is a true enough statement to say you want what you want.  So the first most important issues is knowing your audience and understanding what they want.  You can have a great idea that would solve all the problems in the world when it comes to passing college. Though if you go out to a University and try to wrangle up some students and show off this great study guide chances are they are going to put their Charlie Brown ears on and just hear BLA-BLA-RA-LA-BLA. They don't want to hear it. Now if you went to the same University students and said, "hey Toni's is offering half off drinks with the purchase of a full size pizza" chances are that is all they are going to hear is you and everything around them is now that BLA-BLA-RA-LA-BLA.

So how do you know or get to know what they want? First, you need to look towards yourself. What are you passionate about? What makes you want what you want? Then ask yourself can it fall under these four golden rules:

  • Are there always offers to promote ?
  • Are people in this niche known to buy?
  • Can you market to this niche online in a profitable way?
  • Do you like this niche?

If you answered yes to all these top four questions then you have it in the bag. Now it is time to take it home and get to cooking.  A great place to start after you have decided on your niche is a well known marketplace called ClickBank. What you want to do then is go to the top right hand side were it says marketplace, or click here. Now, you see on the left hand side where it shows categories? This is where you can choose from thousands of products in what people want out of the top niches. Let me show you an example, let's use health. Health is HUGE ! If you have a passion for health then you are really sitting pretty. If not, that is okay there's plenty more to choose from. Though for this example we will look at health.